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Sunday, August 22, 2010

September - $3 Layout Choices / BBQ Fun and/or S'more Fun

Here are the new one page layout choices available for the month of September for $3 each. You can order one page or both pages, it's your choice!

We used the Cherry-O paper, Cocktail Alphabet and did some paper piecing for the grill, picnic table and watermelon. We then used 3 flip flaps to create the ultimate photo burger!! This makes room for 5 additional pictures.

This is the Second 1 page layout available for September available for $3, called S'more Fun. Again I used the Cherry-O paper, Cocktail Alpahbet and did some paper piecing to create a yummy s'more.

I tried to make them similar for anyone who likes both pages and can't let go of the 2 page layouts!! Make sure to take snapshots of your BBQ and S'more events!!


  1. Oh my god, this is awesome!!! I want 2!! :)

  2. The LO's are adorable! You two did a great job!

  3. One of each please!!! Jenny Puls

  4. These are so cute. You guys did an awesome job!
    I would like one of each.